LATEST NEWS INTRODUCING NEW CREPES! This month we're adding a few new recipes to the crepe menu. Try our new crepe with goat cheese, honey and nuts. Don't miss the debut of the original "galette" all the way from Britanny! ABOUT BELGIOUS Belgious is one of the most unique journeys into taste that you will ever experience. With 50 varieties of ice cream, a mouth-watering selection of fruit juices and shakes and the best recipe for crepes and waffles in town, Belgious is a one-stop shop for all of your cravings. But that's not all. Belgious is so much more than three stores in one. The unique flavours that we offer means that the possibilities are endless for trying out new combinations and tastes. OUR PHILOSOPHY Belgious is committed to providing high-quality products and ingredients in everything that we make and we are always looking for new products and taste sensations. But Belgious isn't just about great taste and quality. It's about your experience. Great customer service is a cornerstone of our approach, which means attention to detail and to every customer. We look at each one of our visitors as unique and diverse as the flavours that we provide and we custom-tailor your experience in order to make it an unforgettable one. And finally, Belgious is about the atmosphere. We pride ourselves on providing a warm and friendly environment, open to diversity and the global community at large. Our modern, bright and energetic environment is a perfect backdrop for your unforgettable experience. 3 STORES IN 1 Where else can you taste the most amazing flavours of ice cream, take in our delicious variety of juices or bite into a deletable waffle or crepe? For this reason, Belgious is truly 3 stores in 1 and in turn is truly unique, exotic and delicious. But that's not all. At Belgious, you can mix and match to your hearts content. Why not try a blend of fruit juice with one of our delicious flavours of ice cream? Or perhaps you would prefer the ice cream with one of our crepes? It's all up to you. What's great about our system is that the Belgious experience is YOUR experience. ONE-OF-A-KIND TASTE Belgious has one of largest varieties of flavours you will ever find under one roof. We provide a huge selection of taste, with 50 flavours of ice cream, a wide variety of fruit juices and shakes and the most delectable waffles and crepes you have ever tasted. This variety, added with the ability to mix our ice cream with our juices, shakes, waffles and crepes means that the possibilities are endless. But it's not only variety that truly makes a place great. It's the taste that keeps our customers coming back again and again. Waffles made from the freshest ingredients. Juices that epitomize the word fresh. Ice cream flavours that you have never heard before. At Belgious, our taste truly defines the phrase 'one-of-a-kind'. ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS Belgious is committed to only using the finest quality all-natural ingredients for all of our products. Our crepes and waffles only use fresh ingredients like whole milk, all natural butter and buckwheat flour. Our ice creams are truly unique because we don't use addtives or preservatives in any of our flavours, so all you get is the pure taste that shines through. Our juices are picked only when sun-ripened and then flash pasteurized within three hours so all the flavour, vitamins and minerals are preserved for you. The result? Decadent taste with all the wholesome flavour that only nature can provide! ICE CREAM With 50 of the most unique flavours on the planet, Belgious provides a universe of new taste sensations. At Belgious, we have a 'what you see is what you get' philosophy. What does that mean? It means we use only all-natural ingredients with no flavouring, syrups or powders. So when you choose a flavour, all that's left is pure unaltered taste which comes bursting through. Just purely delicious! But it doesn't stop there. Why not try some of our ice cream flavours on a crispy waffle or in an irresistable shake? You will soon see that our 50 flavours are only just the tip of the iceberg in your taste experience! Aç̤ai The only A̤çai ice cream in Europe. Contains A̤çai, banana and honey. After Eight By adding fresh mint, we turned our Straciatella into After Eight. A delectable treat! Amaretto Disaronno Enjoy your favorite liqueur as an exquisite sorbet. Anise with Mint The purest aroma: with milk, sugar, cream, anise and fresh mint. Bailey's Once you taste our Bailey's ice cream, you will have a hard time staying away from Belgious. Banana Delicately selected bananas for this classic treat! Black Bitter Chocolate Our strongest chocolate with bitter cocoa but still so creamy... Arabica We don't use powders or flavours; this is real coffee made on the spot and transformed into ice cream by adding cream, milk and a shot of brandy. Caipirinha The Brazilian cocktail with lime and Ca̤acha. Canela Specially selected cinnamon from Ceilan gives a pure, soft taste to this ice cream. Capuccino Contains milk, cream, sugar, coffee, skimmed milk and powdered cocoa. Caramelo con galettas Contains milk, sugar, cream, egg yolk, cakes and skimmed milk. Catalan Pudding The traditional Catalan dessert altogether with egg yolks, cinnamon, sugar, cream and milk. Celian Coconut If you haven't liked other coconut ice creams, try this one. The richness of the coconut meat is very satisfying, but the subtle touch of cream isn't overkill. It's the favourite to combine with one of the chocolate flavours. Chocolate Plain chocolate enriched with cream, milk and sugar. Chocolate with Goat Cheese Amazing combination of chocolate and goat cheese. One of our top sellers! Chocolate Without Sugar You won't believe this one is without sugar! Chocolate Hazelnut Contains milk, sugar, cream, cocoa, hazelnut, skimmed milk, vanilla and brandy. Cream-walnuts and Rosemary Honey One of the favourites: lots of walnuts mixed with rich cream and a dash of rosemary honey...mmm..delicious! Daikiri Real Daikiri cocktail with lemon juice, sugar, rum and fresh mint. Dried Figs with Rosemary Honey Contains milk, cream, sugar, soaked dried figs, honey, fresh yolks, vanilla and skimmed milk. Gin Tonic Most popular with our English customers, this is the popular gin-tonic cocktail transformed into an amazing sorbet...yes, it contains gin! Granny Smith (Green Apple) The finest, small Granny Smith apples are being transformed into this fresh sorbet. No pasteurisation to preserve it's original taste. Hazelnuts of Tarragona Hazelnut Ice cream. Super on a hot pancake. Milk, sugar, cream, liquid hazelnut, skimmed milk and truffle with brandy. Higos frescos con Tequila Fresh figs from the Pyrennees...we added some sugar, water and a dash of Mexican Tequilla. Lavender Imagine fresh lavender transformed into a creamy ice cream. Just smell before you taste! Lemon Specially selected lemon from Andalucia in a refreshing sorbet. Mandarin These mandarinas originate from the best producers in the South of Spain. Only the best! Mango When you taste our famous Mango sorbet, you won't believe it: you're actually eating the real thing! Marr��n glac̩ Contains milk, sugar, cream, chestnuts and skimmed milk. Melon Seasonal melon sorbet. Let it tempt you... Naranja Oranges, freshly squeezed turned into the finest sorbet. Passion Fruit This passion fruit in it's purest state will create an explosion in your mouth! Piṉ̃a Colada Traditional well known cocktail with fresh pineapple. Pistachio Pistachio re-invented to it's original taste and without green colorants. Just Pistachio, skimmed milk, cream and truffle with brandy. You have to taste it to believe it ! Queso Manchego The famous Spanish cheese makes an excellent savoury and soft ice cream. Delicious on one of our savoury pancakes! Raspberry The freshest raspberries have been used for this deep red naturally coloured sorbet. Contains only the fruit with added water and sugar. Roquefort Cheese with Nuts Real French Roquefort cheese with added milk and cream will surprise your senses. Combines well with our savoury pancakes. Rosemary from "La Giesa" You smell could be rosemary from your garden...turned into delicious ice cream. Rosemary with Lemon Our rosemary classical made even fresher with a dash of lime. Mmmmm... Rum with Macerated Currants Enriched with the best rum and marinated currants. Saffron Pure saffron mixed into a creamy base will surprise you. Unusual. Sobrasada Our most controversial flavor: Selected sobrasada salami from Palma de Mallorca: combines perfectly with our Sobrasada pancake! Soy Milk with Strawberries Probably the best soya ice cream you ever tasted mixed with fresh strawberries. Gluten and lactose free. Spanish Nougat (Turron) Classical Spanish nougat with added milk and cream. Lovely in the winter time. Spinach with currants, pine kernel Fresh spinach turned into a creamy ice cream. We added currants, pine kernel and bacon to make it even more savoury. Stracciatela A popular Italian flavour: lots of cream with chocolate shavings. Tiramisu Probably the best Tiramisu dessert you've ever tasted! Toffee (dulce de leche) We use the real Argentinan dulce de leche to create this mouth watering ice cream. One of our favourites! Tomillo de la Coma Just smell and you'll know this ice cream is so 100% true! Tutti-Frutti The best sweetened fruits in a creamy artisanal ice cream base. An Italian speciality. Vanilla from Veracruz Using the finest quality Veracruz Vanilla beans, we re-invented the classic amongst all ice creams, carefully mixed with milk, sugar, cream and fresh egg yolk. Vinegar with Raspberries Contains milk, sugar, cream, Modena vinegar, raspberies and skimmed milk. White Chocolate Contains milk, sugar, cream, white chocolate and skimmed milk. Yogourt from "la Fageda" You will not believe the natural taste of this yoghurt being produced in the middle of a National parc in the volcanic region close to Girona. Yogourt with Wild Fruit Yoghurt from "La Fageda" mixed with raspberries and blackberries. Lovely as a milkshake! OUR WAFFLES & CREPES At Belgious, we only use the freshest ingredients so our waffles and crepes are always crispy and delicious! Starting with our batter, we take fresh yeast, milk eggs and butter and delicately combine them until they are just right. Once our dough is ready, our waffle machines or our crepe hot plates take care of the rest with the perfect balance of timing and precise heat. Whether sweet or savoury, our waffles and crepes are the perfect base for a delectable experience for you and your taste buds! WAFFLES Our waffles are made the true Belgian way, so the result is always mouth-watering and delicious with a soft inside and a golden crispy outside. Once our waffles are hot and ready, take advantage of the huge variety of toppings, including all kinds of chocolate, syrups and much more! And don't forget, this doesn't even include the 50 flavours of ice cream that are readily available to you and your imagination. Because our waffles are made to order, you ultimately control the taste. The end result is truly your own invention! CREPES DULCE Our tantalizing crepes are nice and light with just the right amount of texture. Watch as we create the most delicious crepe right before your very eyes and then get ready to decide how you want to enhance the experience. The choice is yours! CREPES SALADO Our crepes are made in the true Normandy style, using fresh buckwheat flour, beer, eggs and whole milk. Once our crepes are hot and ready, we have a wide variety of fresh ingredients such as goat cheese and gorgonzola. Bite into these mouth-watering creations and you know you're getting only the freshest, high-quality ingeredients. JUICE BAR Belgious uses only the best quality juice made by the leading frozen pulp manufacturer in Brazil. Our fruit that goes into our fruit pulp is harvested only when it's sun-ripened and at its full maturity. The juice is then frozen and this high quality state within 3 hours of being picked, ensuring high quality taste second to none. The juices are flash-pasteurized which is a unique technology to kill germs while preserving the original taste and healthy components. That, along with the guarantee of no preservatives or sweeteners, means that you get juice how it was meant to be: fresh, wholesome and bursting with flavour! AÇAI JUICE The Aç̤ai-palm from northern Brazil produces a fine dark violet berry, which has become one of Brazil's most popular flavours after surfers discovered it's special taste and its overwhelming energetic impact. Aç̤ai contains exceptional levels of antioxidants, Omega 3 and 6 fats, vitamin A, proteins as well as iron and calcium. Try also our exclusive A̤çai sorbet! VITAÇAI Vitaç̤ai is a delicious mixture of A̤çai fruit pulp and guaraná syrup which generates a long lasting vitalizing effect due to a high level of caffeine. It's a 100% natural energy booster! ABACAXI The pineapple originates from Brazil and is naturally sweet. It combines very well with a number of liquors to create a dazzling cocktail. ACEROLA The "Barbados Cherry" grows in Central America and Brazil. Its flavour can be described as a combination of apple and orange. It contains 50 times more Vitamin C than oranges. It mixes extremely well with freshly squeezed orange juice. CAJA Caja is a golden yellow fruit about the size of a big plum, juicy and a little acid. It has a sunny, sour aromatic taste an dis rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron and fibre. CAJU (Cashew) The Cajú fruit with its yellow or red color, resembles an apple and has a unique, incomparable taste. The cashew-nut which grows on top of this fruit is well known throughout Europe. Cajú is rich in antioxidants as well vitamine A, C and niacin. GIOABA (Guava) The guava is a popular tropical fruit whose taste can be described as a delicious mixture of quince, pear and fig. The inside is pink, rich in vitamine A, B6, C and fibers. MANGO The "queen of tropical fruits" has a juicy, sweet and aromatic taste which has made it popular all over the world. It is very digestive and is rich in vitamins A, E, B2, B6, C and magnesium. Combines well with a lot of other tropical fruits. Also try our mango sorbet! MARACUJA (Passion fruit) The maracujá, widely known as passion-fruit, has a delicious jelly-pulp and a sour aromatic taste. Maracujá is rich in vitamins A, B2, C, magnesium and fosfor. Also try our passion fruit sorbet! PITANGA Pitanga, the red, juicy berry from the northeast of Brazil has a unique sweet and slightly sour taste. At its original location, Bahia, it is known to diminish thirst naturally with high concentrations of vitamin A, C, Niacine and fibre. FRANCHISING Belgious is a hot commodity and is always looking to expand into new markets. For our investors we offer a unique business opportunity with our innovative, one-of-a-kind products. To send us an email with all of your questions, please click on the button below. OUR LOCATIONS If you're in Barcelona, chances are you'll be close to our Belgious pilot store. Located at Avinyó 50, Belgious is located on one of the most popular sreets in this charming and dynamic city. If you're in the area, be sure to stop by and give us a try. You won't be disappointed. The following are our hours: Monday - Thursday 12:00 - 01:00 Friday - Saturday 12:00 - 02:00 Sunday 17:00 - 01:00 Be sure to check back here as we add more locations worldwide! INTRODUCING NEW CREPES! This month we're adding a few new recipes to the crepe menu. In the sweet range you will be able to choose a combination of red fruit marmelade with Philadelphia cheese or try one of our crepes with goatcheese, honey and nuts...yum! Why not top your Philadelphia crepe with a scoop of our incredible Philadelphia ice cream! On the salty side, we have changed our dough recipe to the original recipe from Britanny, France: 100 % buckwheat eco flower with just water, egg yolks, olive oil, salt, pepper and mounted egg white. We're also introducing the original "galette", which is the most popular in Britanny: ham, cheese, pepper...and one egg on top.. And for the afficionados of Sobrasada, we introduce the crepe Sobrasada with a few slices of the original sobrasada from Palma de Mallorca, cheese, tomato and topped with....two small scoops of Sobrasada ice cream! AÇAI NA TIGELA NOW WITH EVEN MORE FLAVOUR! Based upon the feedback of increasing numbers of A̤çai-lovers coming to the shop, we have increased the amout of A̤çai we use to prepare A̤çai na tigela by 50% and at the same time we don't use ice cubes anymore to stiffen the texture. Furthermore, we will install a professional blender by the end of the month to turn the preparation time down to less than a minute. Come and taste the difference. You won't believe it! BELGIOUS BECOMES DISTRIBUTOR OF "GO AND CONNECT" CARDS Even though we mostly rely on word of mouth to build our business, Belgious has now became one of the distribution centers for the Go and Connect city map and discount card. The Go and Connect citymap comes in a handy format to put in one of your pockets and to be never lost again while looking for your favourite spot in Barcelona. This credit card sized card offers you significant discounts and special privileges for Barcelona's nightclubs, bars, restaurants, fitness clubs, shops, leisure facilities, bike rentals, language schools, services, dentists, and more...Belgious will grant you with a 50 cent discount for every purchase you make as long as your card is valid! NEW FLAVOURS ADDED TO OUR ICE CREAM LINE! Our regular customers are already acustomed to it: we, at Belgious, are always looking at how to improve the Belgious taste it is our pleasure to introduce a few new tastes every month specially adapted to the seasons of the year. This month we will introduce Thyme, Rosemary, Tiramisu (the best on the planet), Bailey's, Marron Glac̩, Amaretto di Sarono as well as more unusual flavours like vinegar with raspberries, Lavender, Manchego cheese and Sobrasada. Come and check it out. It's always fun at Belgious ;-) INTRODUCING PROBABLY THE WORLD'S BEST AÇAI SORBET Especially for our Brazilian friends, we are proud to introduce the unique A̤ai sorbet made out of Brazilian A̤ai berries, banana and pure honey. Our Catalan chef surpassed himself and we have never tasted an A̤ai sorbet so faithful to the original taste. Come on and try it out while ordering your next A̤ai na tigela. FIESTA DE LA MERCE September 5, 2007 Barcelona is a City that enjoys many Fiestas and Festivals but the Fiesta de La Merce is one of the most popular and well attended festivals. The main event is held on the 24th September each year and is held in honour of the City's Patron Saint and Protector, the Virgin de La Merce. But this festival is much more than just one day. The event encompasses a week-long range of activities all leading up to the grand finale. On offer you will find large sporting events and sailing regattas along with quite a few religious celebrations, parades, firework displays and lots and lots of dancing. During the Fiesta de la Merce, Belgious will be open every day from 10 in the morning until 5 at night. Stay around to enjoy one of our delicious products while strolling through the streets! Come on and try it out while ordering your next A̤ai na tigela. OPENING OF OUR FIRST BELGIOUS STORE! August 13, 2007 Today we opened the very first Belgious store in one of the busiest pedestrian streets of Barcelona. A lot of tourists are passing by and even taking pictures of the unusual interior design. Moreover, they discovered the assortment of 50 amazing flavours of natural ice cream at the back of the store. We are proud to say that this store will be our pilot store and serve as a base to expand our business towards a franchise concept. link2 link3 link4 link5 link6